What is Personal Training?​

Amazon24 Fitness offer semi-private small group (2-4 people) and 1:1 training that can make all the difference, when it comes to achieving your goals.  If motivation is a struggle and you need that extra push to ensure you know how to complete your programming safely and effectively then Personal Training is definitely for you.  Even with all the right intentions you just can't keep a consistent training schedule, then we are here to ensure you stay consistent and accountable.  Our coaches are here to create your own personal profile, develop the right training plan for you and will track your every session so you reach your goals

For those that want to:

  • Define their shape - from fat loss to weight gain

  • Increase muscle mass

  • Feel more energised

  • Achieve those fitness goals you have spent years trying to reach

  • Learn new techniques

  • Be encouraged and focus on new goals

What you get?

FREE Consultation

We will discuss your goals and training history, so we can tailor the program for you, meaning you just focus on doing the exercises to results.  You also decide whether small group or 1-1 is your best option.

Functional Movement Analysis

This will test your movements, technique and mobility which ensures that the programme designed is for your individual needs and you can track progress.

Up to 60 Minute Sessions

Your sessions will last approximately between 45-60 minutes whether you are small group or 1-1.  Your programming will be checked weekly but tracked at each session so you always know your progress data.  Reviews are made by your coach and any necessary adaptations will be made.  Support is always there as we work through your journey together.

Weekly Support

Each week, there will be a 'check-in' to ensure your progress is on point and a chance to adapt any training sections and review on your progress.  Every 6-8 weeks, your fitness and progress will be tested which enables you and the coach to see that the programming is adapting you effectively.

Nutritional Advice

Professional guidance within nutritional education to ensure you have the tools to create the right choices that suit your needs.  We don't do diets, fads, extreme calorie deficit programmes or promote meal supplements but provide you with ways to create positive relationships with food and how it can change your mindset for the better.

Small Group Training

Working out with others creates a supportive, fun environment.  You can choose when you want to train by booking in your weekly sessions through Team Up.  The groups will be no larger than 6 people at one time. You still have the benefits of a qualified coach taking you through your programme, as well as nutritional guidance, tracking and progress testing.

8 sessions or 12 sessions per month available

1-1 Personal Training

If you are looking for personalised in-depth coaching and want to work with a coach on a one to one level, then arrange for a free consultation.  You will receive a detailed personal profile where we look at all aspects of your lifestyle, work around your current commitments and have daily check ins to ensure you keep up with training and nutritional needs.  

4 sessions, 8 sessions or 12 sessions per month available

We care about you achieving your goals and passionately work to get you the results you deserve