HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

It improves performance - put a little HIIT into your routine and you'll notice a distinct difference in your other workouts, namely that you have more stamina and endurance.


HIIT helps you burn more calories all day long! Due to the fact you're taking your body well out of its comfort zone to work that hard, it has to burn more calories to get your body back into balance after the workout. That means a greater afterburn, meaning you'll burn extra calories even if you're just sitting around after your workout.

MONDAY 6:30-7:00pm

So What Are Our Classes?

Tabata consists of 8 sets of fast-paced exercises, each performed for 20 seconds interspersed with a brief rest of 10 seconds. Tabata training is a type of HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and it's great because it saves a lot of time for people, offering the maximum benefit with the least amount of time used to get those results. 

TUESDAY 6:10-6:30pm

FRIDAY 7:40-8:00am


Everyone has a spare 20 minutes! This workout gives you everything you need in a very short space of time. Using a weighted bag to tone, strengthen and burn fat, every session is different with easy to perform moves incorporating all of your major muscle groups.

It’s fun, challenging and will leave you feeling like you have worked out a lot longer than ONLY 20 minutes …. that’s 1% of your day!

Come and try a class and push yourself to the max!

TUESDAY 6:30-7:00pm


An hour of AMRAP style circuit (AMRAP means As Many Rounds As Possible). Working at your own pace, this circuit is designed to push you through core and overall body exercises, improving overall fitness and strengthening and tightening your abdominals.

THURSDAY 7:00-7:45pm


A kettlebell HIIT programme to strengthen, energise and increase your power. Working on various techniques and moving to high energy music, this session is open to all and welcomes anyone who wants that extra push!

SATURDAY 8:45-9:30am


CORE - Blast your core muscles with this short programme targeting the deep core to help strengthen and stabilise

FATBURNER - A circuit using small weights (even if you haven't got weights, give it a go)

STRETCH - Some simple moves to ease your joints

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