Make sure you don't mistake it for a BLT...but it's just as meaty!! L is for Legs - Strengthen, shape and create power for your pins B is for Bums - Fire up those glutes, shape that booty and create power moves to improve sport performance T is for Tums - Strengthen and tighten the core This class really is for everyone..!!



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A cardio intense boxing/fitness session using gloves and pads.  Build your fitness levels, burn calories and have masses of fun with BOX FIT.  30 minutes of techniques and fitness moves to punch your way through the week.






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Yoga Burn is a complete, full-body workout that uses yoga movements to boost your metabolism, sculpt and shape the body. It is a fantastic way of maintaining healthy joints through stretches and holds which compliments other types of training such as weight lifting.

TUESDAY 7:00-7:45am

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HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

30 mins of cardio and strength based moves.  Using high intensity moves for short periods of time can really increase your fitness levels and kick start your energy levels.

It improves performance - put a little HIIT into your routine and you'll notice a distinct difference in your other workouts, namely that you have more stamina and endurance.



TUESDAY 6:30-7:00pm

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Everyone has a spare 20 minutes! This workout gives you everything you need in a very short space of time. Using a weighted bag to tone, strengthen and burn fat, every session is different with easy to perform moves incorporating all of your major muscle groups.

It’s fun, challenging and will leave you feeling like you have worked out a lot longer than ONLY 20 minutes …. that’s 1% of your day!

Come and try a class and push yourself to the max!





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Pilates & Core is a workout that combines strength, balance, control and stabilisation throughout your body while focusing on tightening the core.  45 minutes of deep stretching and various abdominal moves will enhance your mobility and control for your bigger workouts

THURSDAY 7:00-7:45pm

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The end of the week craziness!!  Friday mornings are never the same without FITCLUB!  We get all the toys out, we pump up the music and we go for the ultimate circuits.  Lots of moves, lots of laughter and some banging tunes to whined up your week and get you fit and ready for the weekend!

FRIDAY 9:30-10.15am

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A kettlebell HIIT programme to strengthen, energise and increase your power. Working on various techniques and moving to high energy music, this session is open to all and welcomes anyone who wants that extra push!

SATURDAY 8:45-9:30am

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