Intrinsic BioMechanics - The assessment of internal structures that affect the body's movement patterns, for example looking at how someone's leg length discrepancy can explain a poor squatting technique.


The body is a master of compensation and intrinsic factors may go undetected with an extrinsic assessment.




A Biomechanics Trainer demonstrates the power of an Intrinsic Biomechanical assessment and how this can bring a new context to your posture or pain.  This innovative and revolutionary system has been created from more than 20 years of research involving more than 4,000 individuals from Olympic Athletes to sedentary people.


  • I will assess for any difference in leg length and correct it

  • I will assess if a muscle is in spasm or tight and what to do to alleviate it

  • You will have a greater understanding as to how the body can compensate

  • You will receive a full report in to the issues and very quick and simple exercises to alleviate the muscle spasm


I have already helped many people understand that the ‘niggle’ they feel can be the cause of muscle spasm and imbalances around the pelvis and spinal area.  A simple assessment could see your movement and mobility drastically improve.


Sessions are £40 for 30 minutes – this includes a personalised full report with exercises.