Strength & Conditioning is paramount when it comes to athlete development.  Whatever your sport or event, specific sports training is key for enhanced performance and an important tool in injury prevention.  Whether you are an amateur or elite athlete, we can provide you professional coaching to enable you to reach your potential in your chosen activity.

We can programme specific elements to ensure efficient movement patterns and inject strength, power, speed, as well as incorporate everything that builds you to be a robust athlete.

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Individual athlete training concentrates on your needs, focussing on strengths and weaknesses of movements patterns and sport related techniques.


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We will discuss your sport/event, where you are currently and what your short and long goals are. 


What's involved?

Functional Movement Analysis

This will test your movements, technique and mobility which ensures that the programme designed is for your individual needs and you can track progress.  We will discuss your strengths and weaknesses physically, psychologically and the demands of the sport.

Training Sessions

Your sessions will be programmed to fit around your current training and other life commitments.  We will track each week and make changes where needed.  Your coach will programme the correct amount of sessions each week.  These will be periodised for progression to cater for your sport/event calendar.


Nutritional Guidance

Your coach will discuss any nutritional needs that will help your performance.  Programming and tracking is available on request

Complete Biomechanics Screening - (extra)

Coach Mel will complete a screening if there is evidence of weakened joints or muscular imbalances, a biomechanics exercise programme will be designed to compliment your session to strengthen these weaker areas.

We care about you achieving your goals and passionately work to get you the results you deserve

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Team sessions are great for building a resilience for not only the individual but also as a squad.  Team training will build a strong bond as the S&C coach will work on sport specific requirements to build a stronger and faster team

For those that want to:

  • Train towards a specific competition/league/event

  • Improve endurance

  • Increase speed

  • Build strength or power

FREE Consultation

Book a FREE consultation where we will complete

Functional Movement Analysis

A team functional movement analysis will take place.  This will be an observation of movement and identify any real issues with movement and performance.  These will be targeted and worked together as a team.  Some individuals may be given additional exercises to complete.

Periodised Program

The program will be developed to ensure you will be at peak performance for competitions and events, also taking in to consideration rest and recovery.

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ATHLETE PROFILE: Lanina Solley, Great Britain Judo

Lanina is a current member of the 2016 England Judo Squad and GB Junior Squad (U21).  She is currently ranked 3rd in the British Junior (U21) rankings in the -52kgs category after winning bronze at the British Championships in December 2014.  Since then, Lanina has successfully won both Scottish and English Open titles with very strong performances.


Her consistency in competition performances at such a young age is a direct result of the efforts she puts in every time she steps on a judo mat at her club, England National Squad training and at GB National Squad.


Lanina currently trains at Amazon24 Fitness twice a week to enhance her overall performance using Strength & Conditioning concepts.

ATHLETE PROFILE: Matthew Robertson, British Paracyclist

Currently studying psychology and sport at Corelli College in Kidbrooke, South East London, whilst competing in a heavy race schedule, Matthew's aim is to be part of the team in the Japan Olympics of 2020.

Matthew has right side hemiplegia, a neurological condition which affects the part of the brain that controls movement. In 2014, he was inspired to take up competitive cycling and joined Woolwich Cycling Club.

Matthew rides a regular two wheeler bike with adapted handlebars that feature gears and brake levers specifically on the left side.  

In the short time he’s been cycling, Matthew won the silver medal in the Youth Omnium at the Para Internationals and set a National C2 Record for the flying 200m. Winning 3 golds and 2 silvers in the UK School Games Para competition, gave him first place in the overall para-cycling omnium.

K1 Kickboxer

Jakub is the current K1 ISKA World Junior Champion and trains at Unique Gym in Chatham.  He has been competing since the age of 15 and so far has had no losses.

His S&C journey will be working towards his next big fight later this year.